Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cambridge City Guide - Nightlife, Tourist Attractions and Transport Facilities

Cambridge falls towards the south of Ontario and is along Grand River and Speed River. The tourist information center of Cambridge provides all the necessary information about your travel, stay, restaurants and places to visit.

Tourist Attractions

There are lots of tourists who come to visit the interesting attractions of this city. For people who are interested in museums there is Cromwell Museum which is small in appearance from exterior but quite big from inside. It's the building of historical importance reliving the story of Oliver Cromwell of 17th century in the museum house. Fitzwilliam Museum is another museum which has wide collection of artworks from the ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities founded in 12th century. You can see the traditional architecture on its building. Emmanuel College is one of the oldest colleges dating back to 15th century.

At Anglesey Abbey you can see the collection of painted pictures of Windsor and which shows the 20th century garden grounds. Round Church is one of the historic buildings of Gothic architecture which is more than 800 years old. Great St. Mary's church is another historic monument of Cambridge which was constructed in 14th century. Today it is known as the landmark of this city.

Nightlife of Cambridge:

Cambridge nightlife is rocking with its discos and music. Many different pubs and bars are here that opens all night and serves variety of drinks. As this is the place of students you will find lot of them hanging out at these places. Some places where you can visit are Kingston Arms, Fez Club, Cambridge Sound and Light.

Transport Facilities:

You have good train and bus facilities with the added Eurostar facility in the city. Public transport connects to different tourist spots and makes your visit to the places easier. You also have connections between the important city through the railways, waterways and airways.

When you're in Cambridge visit all these places and enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

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